February Bullet Journal Setup: Rose Theme

February bullet journal setup

We are almost through January everyone! Doesn’t January always feel like the longest month ever? I am ready to say goodbye to January, because it means we are one month closer to spring! I am so excited about today’s post, because it is the first in my monthly plan with me series. Earlier this month I shared how I set up my bullet journal for the year, and today it’s all about my February layout. This month I have included several pages I have never done before. It is also my first time having a theme! Keep reading for my February bullet journal monthly layout!

February bullet journal setup

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For this month’s spread, I am using the following supplies:

Dotted Notebook


Super Tips Markers

Ruler (similar)


White Eraser (similar)

Cover Page

Since February is all about Valentine’s Day, I chose red roses as my theme for the month. I love the way the different roses turned out, but I thought the page was missing something. I added the corner embellishments with the hearts, and I think that really completed the page.

February bullet journal cover page with roses

Quote Page

When there is love, there is life.

I Googled quotes about love to go with the Valentine’s theme and came across this one by Gandhi. I thought it was so fitting, not just for Valentine’s Day of course. For the words “love” and “life” I did my first attempt at shadow letters, and I really like the effect it gives. I also added a few small roses to keep with the theme.

February bullet journal quote page: when there is love, there is life

Monthly Calendar

In January I had a two-page monthly calendar, and this month I am back to the one-page spread. I did like having the extra space to write in the boxes with the two-page spread, but I also like experimenting with different looks.

I only went with one rose on this page, because I thought it already had a lot of red with the design I did on the calendar. The red and black diagonal line design actually came about because I accidentally drew one of the horizontal lines in the wrong place. Instead of scrapping the page, I improvised! My mantra for this year is definitely progress over perfection.

February bullet journal calendar with red roses
Bullet journal monthly calendar with red roses
Bullet journal monthly calendar with red roses
Bullet journal monthly calendar with red roses

Mood Tracker

Even thought I already have a year in pixels mood tracker for the year, I still want to experiment with other mood tracker designs. I got inspiration for this design from Amanda Rach Lee. The idea is to colour one line each day: the longer the line you colour, the happier you were that day.

Bullet journal mood tracker with red roses
Monthly bullet journal mood tracker and highlights of the day spread

Highlights of the Day

Last year I had a daily gratitude section in my bullet journal for a couple of months. I found it really helped me have a better perspective and to see the joy in each day. Unfortunately I didn’t keep it up, but I am excited to bring it back.

I got the idea for a daily highlights page from @bulletjournal_veronica on Instagram. I think this page will be fun to look back on later and see all the good memories from the month.

Bullet journal highlights of the day page: daily gratitude
Bullet journal mood tracker and gratitude pages

Habit Tracker

I loved my habit tracker page from last month, but this month I made it a lot more simple. I have done a similar layout before, but in the past I have drawn boxes and lines to make each individual calendar. This time I kept it a lot more minimal and just wrote out the numbers for the month. I think all the little roses helped make it look a little more interesting.

I am planning to use two colours for the sugar habit calendar to differentiate between the days I eat less than 25g of sugar and the days I eat less than 30g. The goal for women is generally thought to be under 25g of sugar a day, so that’s something I’m trying to aim for.

Bullet journal habit tracker: red roses theme

Sleep Tracker

A sleep tracker is something I have never tried before in my bullet journal. Inspiration for this layout also came from @bulletjournal_veronica. For this page I created a one-sided border of roses, which I really love! I generally go to bed and wake up around the same time every day, but I am interested to see what this looks like at the end of the month.

Bullet journal sleep tracker: red roses theme
Bullet journal habit tracker and sleep tracker spread

Weekly Spread

I don’t often have a lot to write down for each day of the week, so I think having the week on one page will work well for me. Inspiration for this page came from @keletters on Instagram. I also carried over the rose border idea from the previous page.

I will be trying out different weekly spreads throughout the month, which I will be sharing every Monday on my Instagram page. I am also planning to share the “after the pen” version of the week the following Sunday, with the week all filled in.

Bullet journal weekly layout: rose theme
Bullet journal weekly layout: rose theme

Weekly Brain Dump

The weekly brain dump page will be a place for any notes or tasks for the week that don’t necessarily need to be done on a certain day. I think this will be useful as a running to-do list for the week.

Bullet journal weekly brain dump page: running to-do list
Bullet journal brain dump page: running to-do list and weekly spread

Thank you for checking out my latest bullet journal monthly layout! I hope this inspired you and gave you some ideas for your own bullet journal! For more, be sure to check out my Instagram page @bujowithandrea.

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February bullet journal setup

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Bullet Journal monthly February setup


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