How to Set Up a Minimalist Bullet Journal for Beginners

minimalist bullet journal setup for beginners

I finally finished my first bullet journal, which means it’s time to set up a new one! Today, I am sharing my guide to setting up a new bullet journal. I’ve done a minimalist setup for the start of my new bullet journal, and I am so excited to show you how it turned out. This setup would be super easy for beginners or anyone starting a new bullet journal.

minimalist bullet journal setup for beginners

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bullet journal minimalist setup for beginners


A key is something to reference with different symbols that denote different things in your bullet journal. I am using a square to denote tasks, a circle for events, a triangle for appointments and a dot for notes.

A filled in symbol signals a completed task, partially filled in means it has been started, crossed out means cancelled, and an arrow to the right means it has been migrated to another day.

bullet journal key

bullet journal key

Quote Page

Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.

I am keeping this setup very minimal, because these are pages I am going to keep looking back on for the rest of the year. However, to add a bit of detail to my pages, I used this brush pen throughout this setup.

bullet journal quote page

Grid Spacing Guide

A grid spacing guide is used as a reference when you are designing future bullet journal pages. My inspiration for this page came from Plant Based Bride’s video.

The idea is to number the horizontal and vertical spaces on your bullet journal, then divide the page into halves, quarters and thirds. I will definitely keep you posted on how useful I find this page.

bullet journal grid spacing guide

Future Log

Since I am starting this bullet journal halfway through the year, I only included the last six months of the year in my future log. I also left space below each of the mini calendars to write holidays, birthdays and anniversaries.

bullet journal future log

minimalist bullet journal setup for beginners


I created this page to write down some of the goals I have for the latter half of the year. I created two boxes, one for personal goals and one for professional goals. This will be a good page to look back on to keep me on track.

bullet journal goals page

Things to Check out

I am always making lists of books I want to read, or products I want to try. This page is the place for all the things I want to check out! I created four sections: one for movies/TV, one for books, one for products and one for miscellaneous things.

bullet journal things to check out page

bullet journal minimalist setup for beginners

Ideas Pages

I love having space to brainstorm and write down ideas. I am using this two-page spread to keep track of YouTube video ideas and blog post ideas. If you have any video or blog post requests, please leave them in the comments below!

bullet journal ideas page

bullet journal ideas page

bullet journal ideas page

Thank you so much for reading this minimalist bullet journal setup post! Don’t forget to check out my new video showing this setup, and subscribe while you are there!

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