Stationery Haul: Trying New Bullet Journal Supplies

Bullet Journal Supplies Stationery Haul

Getting new stationery is one of the most fun parts of bullet journaling. Today I am sharing a bunch of new bullet journal supplies I received in the mail from Paperhouse. I will be testing out a variety of pens, stickers and washi tape! The items in this blog post were gifted to me, but all opinions are my own. I also have a discount code for you if any of these products catch your eye!

Bullet Journal Supplies Stationery Haul

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Watch the Video

Check out my stationery haul on YouTube! The video includes swatches of all the pens, and I show you what all the stickers and washi tape look like in my bullet journal.

For 12% off your purchase at Paperhouse, use the code ANDREAPEACOCK.

Brush Pens

Brush pens are a staple bullet journal supply. These brush pens feature 12 colours. For swatches of all the pens, be sure to check out my YouTube video. One side of each pen is a brush tip, and the other is a fineliner.

My first impression of these pens is that they glide on the page very easily, and the colour payoff is amazing. I also liked how the colours of both ends of the pens matched perfectly.

Bullet Journal Supplies Brush Pensåç

Bullet Journal Supplies Brush Pens

Bullet Journal Supplies Brush Pens

Dual Line Pens

Each pen in this pack of three has two finetip 0.5mm ends. Each tip is a different colour, and it is very easy to switch between using only one of the tips to using both, depending on the effect you are going for. The trick is in how you hold the pens, as I showed in my video.

Bullet Journal Supplies pens

Bullet Journal Supplies pens

Colink Pen

This pen is called a double line pen, but it only has one tip, which is very large. The ink appears to be very watery, and it does bleed through to the other side of the page. Mine had leaked when I got it though, so it may have just been faulty.

Bullet Journal Supplies pen

Bullet Journal Supplies pen


I received a box of cherry blossom stickers and a box of plant stickers, and I absolutely loved them both. I hadn’t used stickers in my bullet journal before, and this makes me want to get more! These stickers are very detailed and pretty, and they stick onto the pages very well.

Bullet Journal Supplies cherry blossom stickers

Bullet Journal Supplies plant stickers

Washi Tape

This pack of three rolls of washi tape includes a weekly planner, weekly goals and a checklist. I think these could be very useful additions to a weekly layout in your bullet journal.

Bullet Journal Supplies washi tape

Sticky Notes

These sticky notes come in a roll much like the washi tape, but there are perforated edges after each section. After tearing off a piece, there is a backing that comes off, making it into a sticker. These could be used as cute post-it note alternatives.

Bullet Journal Supplies sticky notes

Thank you for reading my stationery haul, and thanks again to Paperhouse for kindly gifting me with these fun bullet journal supplies!

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