Easy Minimal Bullet Journal Setup: April 2021

april bullet journal spread: make your dreams come true quote page

We are already mid-way through April now, and I am loving every minute of it so far! The weather has been so fabulous, and the month has already been full of so many beach days reading on the sand. I have been so busy with my DIY YouTube channel, that my bullet journal has taken a bit of a back seat, hence the late upload. I am so happy with how this month’s setup turned out though! Instead of going with a traditional theme, I decided to make use of some beautiful stickers I already had. Keep reading for my easy minimal bullet journal setup for April!

april bullet journal spread: make your dreams come true quote page

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Bullet Journal Supplies


Crayola Markers

Tombow Fudenosuke Brush Pens

Sigma Micron Pens

Washi Tape (similar)

Stickers (gifted)

Liquid Paper



Cover Page

Last month I went with a daisy theme, and I loved how easy it was. This month I took the minimal approach even further and didn’t do any doodling at all! Last year I received a bunch of stickers from Svidia Design, and this month I finally put a lot of them to use! I was inspired by the colours of the stickers, and I love how they all look together.

minimal april bullet journal cover page

Quote Page

Make your dreams come true.

Like I said earlier, I have been working so hard on my DIY YouTube channel, and I am having so much fun with it! I am also getting so much closer to a huge milestone over there, which is getting monetized! I don’t do many bullet journaling videos over there anymore, but I do have a ton of bullet journal setup videos if you want to check them out!

bullet journal quote page: make your dreams come true

Monthly Calendar

All of the stickers in this month’s layout are from Svidia Design, except the pink washi tape, which I found at Dollar Tree! Dollar Tree has really been stepping it up lately, and I found a bunch of cute washi tapes there. I love how the pink, green and blue all look together. It is such a chill, minimal vibe, and I love it.

minimal april bullet journal calendar

minimal april bullet journal calendar

minimal april bullet journal calendar

Habit Tracker

My habit tracker is the exact same as last month, but I just love how this page looks with the stickers! This colour scheme is so pretty, and I love the little flower and the leaves.

minimal bullet journal habit tracker

Mood Tracker

To go with the minimal vibe this month, I went freehand with my circular mood tracker. I do have a circle maker that I’ve used in previous months, but we are not going for perfection this month, and I kind of love it!

minimal bullet journal mood tracker

minimal bullet journal habit tracker and mood tracker

Weekly Layouts

Since I started my bullet journal a little late this month, I just skipped the first week. Below are my three one-page weekly layouts for April. I love how adding pretty stickers takes a simple layout to the next level so quickly!

minimal bullet journal weekly spread

minimal bullet journal weekly spread

minimal bullet journal weekly spread

To-Do Page

My last page of the month is a “coming next month” page. I have a lot of fun YouTube collabs coming up in May and June, and I want to make sure I am prepared and know what’s coming up. This will be a page where I can write those dates down, along with appointments and anything else I have coming up that I don’t want to forget.

minimal bullet journal monthly page

Thank you for reading this easy minimal bullet journal setup for April!

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