Completed Bullet Journal Flip Through: Minimal to Artistic

Completed Bullet Journal Flip Through

It’s finally happened…I finished a bullet journal! I started bullet journaling in January 2019, and my style has changed SO much since then. I shared the setup of my first journal on the blog in 2019, and I was blown away with how amazing the response was. Since then, you have all enjoyed bullet journal content so much, and I have loved making it! Today I am sharing my completed bullet journal flip through from January 2019 to June 2020. I hope this can be an inspiration for you, whether you are taking a minimal approach to your bullet journal or if you love being more artistic.

Completed Bullet Journal Flip Through

Bullet Journal Flip Through

My bullet journal started off super minimal, with little to no colour and no doodling. The first part of my flip through video shows how I used my bullet journal for the first year with no artistic ability needed.

In February 2020, I started putting a lot more effort into my bullet journal, experimenting with different designs and themes. Every month after that, I have chosen a different theme, which I have loved sharing on my blog and on Instagram.

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Click below to watch my video to watch my bullet journal transformation from January 2019 to June 2020!

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