August Bullet Journal Setup: Summer Fruits Theme

August bullet journal setup

Happy August, everyone! I can’t believe we are already halfway through the month! I am late sharing my August bullet journal setup on the blog, but I did share it on my YouTube channel a few weeks ago. Be sure to subscribe to my channel so you don’t miss out on all my new videos coming out every week.

I had so much fun with my August bullet journal setup, which I did with a fun summer fruits theme. Keep reading to see how I set up my bullet journal this month and to get ideas for your own bullet journal!

August bullet journal setup

Check out my August plan with me video below, and subscribe to my channel!

Quote Page

Squeeze the day!

For this month’s layout, I took a lot of inspiration from Amanda Rach Lee, including for this page. To go with my summer fruits theme, I drew a jar full of lemonade with an orange slice on the jar and a strawberry and a lime slice on the side.

august bullet journal quote page

Cover Page

My August cover page is a simple design, with the word August in the middle and lots of fruit all around it.

My colours this month are yellow, orange, pink and green. As part of my fruit theme, I am filling my pages with oranges, lemons, limes, strawberries, watermelon and more.

August bullet journal cover page


My monthly calendar for August is over two pages, with Sunday and Monday on the left and Tuesday to Saturday on the right. I filled all the spaces on the left and the bottom of the spread with fruit.

To bring some colour to the page, I added strips of colour to each line of the calendar. When I created this calendar I thought August started on a Tuesday. These mistakes happen, and sometimes I will try to cover them up, but this time I left it, and I still think it turned out really well.

august bullet journal calendar

august bullet journal calendar

Mood Tracker

For my mood tracker, I drew 31 different fruits for each day of the month. I created a key at the bottom of the page with the five colours I have used throughout this month’s spread.

bullet journal monthly mood tracker

Habit Tracker

This month, I created another circular habit tracker. These are getting easier and easier for me to make every time I do it. I’d definitely love to keep experimenting with my circle maker.

To keep with the fruits theme, I coloured the middle of the circle to look like a lemon.

bullet journal monthly habit tracker

august bullet journal monthly mood tracker and habit tracker

Highlights of the Day

My monthly highlights of the day page is the easiest page to create, but it is one of my favourites. This is a page where you can write down a good thing that happened that day, which is always so nice to look back on.

bullet journal highlights of the day

Brain Dump

A monthly brain dump page is a space where you can write down anything that needs to be done that month.

Not everything always fits into a certain day or week, so this is a great place to get things out of your brain and onto the page.

bullet journal monthly brain dump

Weekly Layouts

Along with my August bullet journal setup video I shared earlier, I also have a video with the weekly spreads for the month. All my weeklies this month are one-page layouts, and they are all super easy to recreate.

Check out this video to watch me create the weekly layouts for August. There are also photos of all the weekly spreads below.

august bullet journal weekly layouts

august bullet journal weekly layouts

august bullet journal weekly layouts

august bullet journal weekly layouts

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