How to Spend 1 Day in Amsterdam, Netherlands

How to Spend 1 Day in Amsterdam: Amsterdam Travel Guide |

During a trip to Europe last summer, Amsterdam quickly became one of my favourite European cities. It is a super walkable city full of gorgeous canals, cool buildings and amazing food. There is so much to see and do! And, there really are as many bicycles in the city as people say there are! Other than being a cool place to visit, Amsterdam is a city I could actually see myself living in. Keep reading for my one-day Amsterdam travel guide.

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How to Spend 1 Day in Amsterdam: Amsterdam Travel Guide |

Anne Frank House

Our first morning in Amsterdam, we headed straight over to the Anne Frank House. I wrote an entire post on my tips for visiting the Anne Frank House, so definitely check that out if you’re planning to go! You need to book tickets in advance, and it’s not something you’ll want to miss.

Guide to Visiting the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam |

How to Spend 1 Day in Amsterdam |

Canal Cruise

Amsterdam is full of canals, and the best way to see the city is on the water. There are so many canal cruise options to choose from! After we got out of the Anne Frank House, we saw a couple of different boats right outside in the canal and picked one to go on. What I loved about the boat we chose was that it was a smaller boat with an open top.

We really got to look around and see everything from the boat, and our tour guides were full of lots of interesting information about Amsterdam. At the time (in 2018), it was 15 Euros per person for an hour tour.

How to Spend 1 Day in Amsterdam |

How to Spend 1 Day in Amsterdam |

How to Spend 1 Day in Amsterdam |

How to Spend 1 Day in Amsterdam |

How to Spend 1 Day in Amsterdam |


For lunch we stopped in at Urker Viswinkel, for some traditional Dutch fish and chips. The fish is called kibbeling, and it consists of small pieces of white fish coated in batter. I love fish and chips, but this was way better than any deep-fried fish I’ve had before. I love how thin the batter layer was! The fries were delicious too, as was the sauce it came with.

How to Spend 1 Day in Amsterdam |


After lunch we walked all over Amsterdam, taking in the sights. All the buildings are super cute, and there is so much to see! Often my favourite thing to do in a city is to just walk around and take it all in.

How to Spend 1 Day in Amsterdam |

How to Spend 1 Day in Amsterdam |

Amsterdam Travel Guide

How to Spend 1 Day in Amsterdam |


The Rijksmusem is a famous art museum in Amsterdam. It is full of so many iconic pieces such as Rembrandt’s Night Watch, the Milkmaid, and Van Gogh’s self-portrait. It is an incredible museum and definitely worth a visit!

You can buy tickets to the museum online or at the door. We were there on a mid-afternoon weekday in August and there was no line.

To get the most out of your visit, be sure to download the free Rijksmuseum app. There are super helpful audio tours on there and a map to lead you through the museum. Be sure to bring your own headphones or you can just hold it up to your ear to listen.

How to Spend 1 Day in Amsterdam |

How to Spend 1 Day in Amsterdam |

How to Spend 1 Day in Amsterdam |


Foodhallen is a super cool indoor food market with loads of restaurants. It’s set up like a food court with a lot of tables in the middle, but it’s much more classy with amazing food. We actually got things from three different places, including bitterballen (basically a Dutch meatball), pizza and drinks!

How to Spend 1 Day in Amsterdam |

How to Spend 1 Day in Amsterdam |

Amsterdam is an incredible city and well worth a visit! We spent five full days in the Netherlands, and the rest of the time we took day trips from Amsterdam. Guides on visiting Rotterdam, Haarlem, Utrecht and Zaanse Schans will be coming soon!

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14 Replies to “How to Spend 1 Day in Amsterdam, Netherlands”

  1. Your trip sounds like it was so much fun! The pictures are beautiful and this will definitely be helpful if I find myself in Amsterdam one day soon!

    1. Thank you so much, we had a great time! It’s such a different city than anywhere else I’ve been, and I loved it!

  2. Wonderful! I am originally from the Netherlands, so I always have a soft spot for Amsterdam. We visited the Anne Frank house a few years ago with our then 11yo daughter and were blown away by the experience, the way this museum brings World War II with its horrors more visible.

    Thanks for a great trip down memory lane,

    Karen |

    1. That’s so cool you’re from the Netherlands! I had so much exploring all over the country, it’s so beautiful! I totally agree, the Anne Frank House is an incredible experience. It’s so well done.

  3. I’ve been to Amsterdam once but hadn’t taken the cruise canal. I thought it would be too expensive but thankfully i found out in your post that’s not the case. Looking forward to trying it next time! Thank you for sharing :)x

    Jes •

    1. I think there are quite a few price ranges for the cruises, but there definitely are cheaper options like the one we took! 🙂

  4. Amsterdam is one of my favourite cities in Europe.

  5. Amsterdam is at the top of my list. It looks like the perfect place to walk around, which is our favourite thing to do.
    Elisha |

    1. That’s one of my favourite things to do too! I highly recommend a visit to Amsterdam, and the Netherlands in general!

  6. If I’m ever in Amsterdam, I know what I’m going to do! Thanks for this post!

    1. Thank you, I’m glad I could help!

  7. Omg I went to FoodHallen too!! It was so fun and so cool!

    Everything you talked about was so fun and I’d also recommend to anyone going to Amsterdam. It makes me want to go back!

    1. FoodHallen is the best, isn’t it?? Such a cool place! I totally agree, I’d love to go back to Amsterdam 🙂

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