3 Easy Dollar Tree Valentine’s Day DIYs

diy valentine's day crafts

We are less than a month away from Valentine’s Day! I’ve always thought Valentine’s Day is a fun holiday. When I was in high school my friend and I would get fun treats and watch rom-coms. Nowadays, my husband and I usually make something fun for dinner and have a chocolate fondue or something. Today I am sharing three easy Valentine’s Day DIY decor items, made with supplies from Dollar Tree. I am making an iron-on ribbon heart for a tea towel and two Valentine’s signs. Keep reading for tutorials on making three Dollar Tree Valentine’s Day DIYs!

diy valentine's day crafts

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3 Dollar Tree Valentine’s Day DIYs

I first shared these Valentine’s DIY projects on my YouTube channel. Check out the video below, and be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel!

Valentine DIY #1: Iron-on Heart Tea Towel



  1. Measure the area on your tea towel you want the heart to go
  2. Cut out a piece of Heat ‘n Bond (you could skip to the next step if you want to)
  3. Sketch a heart onto the Heat ‘n Bond, on the paper side, then cut it out
  4. Cut out strips of ribbon to fit the heart shape
  5. Line up the ribbon strips on your ironing board, with the good side of the ribbon facing the ironing board
  6. Place the Heat ‘n Bond heart onto the strips of ribbon, with the paper side facing up (I found it useful to hold the ribbon strips in place with tape)
  7. Press down on heart with your iron, holding in place for three or four seconds at a time (I had it on medium heat)
  8. Cut off excess ribbon around the heart and peel off paper layer
  9. Place heart on the tea towel, with the ribbon facing up
  10. Press down on the heart with your iron, holding in place for three or four seconds at a time again, until the heart is secured to the towel

valentine heart tea towel diy

Valentine DIY #2: Wood Heart Frame


  • Valentine’s gift bag (or wrapping paper)
  • Picture frame
  • Wood heart
  • Ribbon
  • White acrylic paint
  • Hot glue gun + glue


  1. Paint the wood heart white
  2. Paint the frame white
  3. Cut out the gift bag to fit inside the frame
  4. Glue heart onto the gift bag
  5. Make a heart with the ribbon and glue it onto the heart
  6. Put the gift bag in the frame

diy valentine's day sign

Valentine DIY #3: Ribbon Heart Frame


  • Picture frame
  • Ribbon
  • Wood heart
  • White paper or cardstock
  • Hot glue + gun


  1. Cut out a piece of paper or cardstock the size of the photo frame insert
  2. Cut out strips of ribbon to go onto the heart
  3. Glue ribbon strips onto wood heart
  4. Cut off excess ribbon around the heart
  5. Glue down any frayed edges
  6. Glue heart onto paper/cardstock
  7. Put paper into frame

diy valentine's day ribbon heart in frame

Thank you so much for reading this post all about three Dollar Tree Valentine’s Day DIYs! For another fun Valentine’s Day DIY, check out my post on how to make a DIY heart-shaped pom pom wreath.

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How to Make 3 Dollar Tree Valentine's Day DIYs

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