Row Boating in Central Park, New York City

Row Boating in Central Park |

Central Park truly is an oasis within New York City. Its popularity is evident with the amount locals and tourists all enjoying the fresh air, escaping from the busy streets. One of my favourite activities we did on a recent trip to New York City was row boating in Central Park. There is something so magical about getting in a tiny rowboat and exploring the park from a whole other vantage point.

Row Boating in Central Park, New York City |

The whole time we were rowing around the lake, I could not stop smiling and pointing at everything. I loved seeing all the different bridges and fountains and other rowers. It was so serene and it felt like we were in a movie. Also, let’s be honest, my husband rowed the entire time while I took pictures, as was the case for most of the couples we saw. ūüėȬ†Although many of the other people rowing around the lake were couples, we also saw groups of friends, even a boat full of 20-year-old guys, so it definitely appeals to anyone.


How to Rent a Rowboat

Go to the Loeb Boathouse boat rental in Central Park and go up to the kiosk just past the restaurant. You will need U.S. cash, because you need to pay a $20 deposit, along with a $15 per hour fee for the boat rental. The $20 deposit is returned when you bring the boat back, which makes it an awesome deal, and the perfect date. We found one hour was the perfect amount of time to explore the whole lake and take lots of pictures.

Row Boating in Central Park |

If you are planning a trip to NYC, be sure to put row boating in Central Park at the top of your list. It was even more fun than I thought it would be, and I highly recommend it!

Save this post for later, to look back on when planning a trip to New York City!

Row Boating in Central Park New York |

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